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Mouawad Projects
Faqra – Kfardebiane
Land Area
36,766 Sqm
  • silverRocks1
  • silverRocks2
  • silverRockse
A Land beyond the Sky
A land that reaches the height of dreams. Experience a tranquil haven that's located at the top of the world. A lifestyle that is at the height of exclusivity.
Welcome to comfort and serenity. Welcome to Silver Rocks where you'll feel like you can touch a sky without limits.
Silver Rocks makes its home in the most strategic areas of Mount Lebanon. With a northern tip that extends into the heights of Keserwan and a southern tip with vistas, Silver Rocks is easy to access. Here summer is refreshingly cool, spring colorful, autumn heart-warming and winter dazzlingly white. From this precious vantage point, breath-taking views invite the senses and natural beauty rejuvenates the soul. Silver Rocks takes the definition of prime location to a higher level.
Silver Rocks embraces 39 individual lots giving you the opportunity to buy a lot in this distinctive setting overlooking lush green spaces and open mountain views. The lots represent a rare opportunity to design and build your own perfect home or villa.

The Peak Of Facilities
Silver Rocks premium facilities add a magical essence to this already impressive project. With a practical main access gate; guard house with top security; a swimming pool; a Club House; lush public garden; administrative office providing superior services; and generator to guarantee your days and nights are always bright; Silver Rocks has all you need for a leisurely life.

The Tip of An Ideal Lifestyle
Silver Rocks symbolizes an alluring combination of natural charm and modern convenience. A place you can call home while escaping from the bustle of the city. A serene spot that captivates the imagination and makes you and your family feel alive.
Construction Conditions
Exploitation 25 ‐ 50
Regulations Zoning S
Set Back 4.5 meters from each side of the site limit
Building Height + / ‐ 10 meters

Unit to be Built (Example)
Area Included in the Footprint
Floor Net Indoor
Calculated from the plot area
Calculated from the indoor area
Calculated from the indoor area
Percentage Percentage Percentage
Ground 25% 20% 9%
1st 25% 20% 9%
Roof To be defined according to the remaining BUA.

Area Not Included in the Footprint
Floor Net Indoor
Basement Accounted like typical floor

* The above example for areas calculations is only an indication.
The areas will vary according to the design and layout set by your Architect.

* This document is a preliminary document intended to provide preliminary information in relation thereto and is subject, without notice, to future amendments. It will, therefore, not imply any binding or responsibility in relation to the material demonstrated therein
The below works have been completed:
  • Roads level excavation;
  • All retaining walls;
  • Sewage manholes and pipes in garden areas;
  • Water supply manholes & related pipes in garden areas;
  • Low current manholes & related pipes in garden areas;
  • Power Manholes & related pipes in Roads area;
  • Sewage connection pipes to parcels;
  • All domestic and potable network water pipes & connections to parcels are completed;
  • Medium voltage network installation cables;
  • Medium voltage network excavation;
  • Rain water connections between parcels and canals;
  • The sewage treatment plant;
  • The big manhole stone cladding of walls, steel doors, ladders & platform.
  • Canals cover.

The remaining undergoing works are:
  • The draining network (5%);
  • The execution of the road lighting (50%);
  • The filling base coarse, hardcore, asphalting (25%).
  • Valves installation.

Works to be done in the gardens & under the external common area stair 1:
  • Excavation for stair 1 (10% remaining);
  • The sewage network;
  • The low voltage + Low current network;
  • The irrigation network;
  • The domestic water network;
  • The potable water network;
  • The curbstone works (60 l.m.);
  • Sidewalks tiling.

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