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Mouawad Projects
Built-Up Area
12,000 Sqm
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More than an address…an experience

Timeless attraction
Monot 38 rises tall on Monot Street. A hotspot to experience the sweetness of life, Monot is highly alluring. Influential and prominent, Monot remains a residential district of choice. This charming neighborhood is marked by its distinctive style with exciting colonial architectural flavor. The dynamic street is still home to restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and yet offers enough tranquility to make this a residential treasure. This delightful road that gently slopes downwards is full of magnetism and vibrancy.
Monot's location links different worlds. From here getting to Sodeco, Abdel Wahab El Englizi, Gemmayze and Downtown is quick and easy on foot. And the rest of Beirut is within convenient reach. This makes Monot the ideal place to experience a sensational urban life. The timeless attraction doesn't stop here but extends to the privacy and convenience. Monot 38 has 2 separate entrances for the hotel and the building in addition to 2 separate entrances for each apartment block. A unique life awaits.

Merging urban realities
Monot 38 is more than an address or a number. It is an experience. Monot 38 flawlessly combines with the surrounding environment to leave a subtle impact. Embodying a friendly and inviting atmosphere with a modern edge, every inch of Monot 38 showcases functionality, beauty and comfort. The façade echoes classical elegance by using a harmonious balance of stone, masonry and glass. These warm exterior colors merge into the sensational interiors. With intense urban appeal, this tower building soars 18 floors high. From this vantage point, Monot 38 enjoys breathtaking views over Madrassat AlHoukouk Street, Monot Street, the sea and the northern coastline.

A luxuriant welcoming
The tower's prime location makes it the perfect place for a four storey suite hotel separated from the tower via lush and spacious 500m² landscaped interior gardens. The gardens extend along the plot on Monot Street and crescendo in a captivating picture window that adds distinctive character to Monot 38.

The entrance features impressive 15m pillars with two grand halls separated by an enchanting vertical garden. The green charm blossoms further with planted rooftops adorning suite hotel. The natural beauty also takes root in other ways with planted trees in elevation and long flowerbeds. The entire façade and surrounding space breathe life.

38…the number of perfection
Capturing the height of privacy, the tower's main residential units start from the 4th floor upwards. This ensures the homes look over the suite hotel block, providing unobstructed views. It also adds a special dimension by creating a large space between Monot 38 and the buildings across the road.

The luxury of space and privacy is highlighted in Monot 38's stimulating amenities, which include a fully-equipped gym with a vista of the interior garden, a fully glazed indoor swimming pool with a relaxing terrace, and a large entertainment lounge on the garden level, a children's playroom, and a restaurant. These combine to give Monot 38 a splash and dash of recreational style. In addition to all this, ample parking and concierge services are provided to make your life even more rewarding.

Towering exclusivity
Monot 38's tower is based on a grid that runs from the basement floors to the very top. This grid paves the path for superior parking in the five basement levels and draws the guidelines for interior partitions. And so, flexibility is at the heart of the interior spaces, as are excellent finishing and high-quality materials. The interiors strike a fascinating union of materials inspired from world travels and custom-designed features, giving an overall impression of exotic worldliness with a chic modern twist.

The tower is home to a wide selection of apartments that are ideal and yet can be combined, thus transforming their areas according to your needs. One, two and three bedroom apartments are available in 100m², 150m², 180m², 215m² and 300m². Every apartment is the result of meticulous layout design, maximizing the use of space while blending indoor areas with large terraces that feel like natural extensions. Here you can choose your lifestyle and shape it as you see fit.

Furnished satisfaction
Monot 38's suite hotel has total independence from the tower. With its own access from the ground floor and parking, the hotel enjoys privacy while preserving the tower's exclusivity. Here attention to detail takes center stage to make each home feel like home.
Basement Levels:
  • Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC in all basement floors are still in progress.
  • Concrete works in all basement floors are completed.
  • Block works in all basement floors are completed, except the shafts.

  • Concrete works from the Ground to the 11th floor are completed.
  • Concrete works on the 12th floor are still in progress.
  • Block works are completed in apartments 6C2 whereas block work is progressing in apartment 8C2

Monot Suites:
  • Concrete works in the furnished apartments area, Ground to 3rd floor are completed.
  • Block works in the furnished apartments area on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor levels are completed.

November 2013123September 2013September 27 2013 (1)September 27 2013 (4)JuneBasement-1Basement-2Basement-3Basement-4Basement-5-(1)Basement-5-(2)Basement-6-(1)Basement-6-(2)Ground-Floor-(1)Ground-Floor-(2)January 2013
Concrete works on the 1st and 2nd basement levels are in progress, whereas on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th works are completed.Basement-3Basement-4Basement-5Basement-6201203112011697_111416010620112807_11141611112011744_111416051220111057_111416060520112669_111416060520112674_111416091220111131_111416130520112710_111416150620112892_111416160620112898_111416210420112621_111416210420112621_111416IMG_0198_111417IMG_0199_111417IMG_0200_111417IMG_0409_111417IMG_0410_111800IMG_0411_111800IMG_0413_111800IMG_0414_111800IMG_0415_111800IMG_0859_111800IMG_1126_111800IMG_1127_111800IMG_1129_111800IMG_1131_111800IMG_1132_111800INCLINOMETER_111800Photo0051_111800Photo0052_111800Photo0053_111800THE-BEGINING210420112621_1118007_11195616092011207_112054IMG_1508IMG_1510